New online magazine extends CommonWealth’s reach

The launch of a new website isn’t that unusual today, but here at MassINC it’s a huge step forward. It gives the organization a vibrant platform from which it can reach out to our many audiences in a more direct and engaging way. You can review our latest research on family financial skills, follow our advocacy on behalf of Gateway Cities, sign up for an event, or read CommonWealth magazine online.

MassINC is often hard to categorize, since it’s involved in so many issues. But we hope the website will bring all of these public policy initiatives under one umbrella, providing a place where Massachusetts residents can learn about issues affecting them and debate what course to take.

The new CommonWealth magazine website is perhaps the boldest move of all. As other news media contract, we are expanding, albeit on a small scale. With the support of the Boston and Knight Foundations, the web magazine will allow us to continue our reporting between quarterly print issues. Our goal is not to duplicate what other news media are doing, but to develop a journalism brand that is focused on good public policy, government accountability, and solid story-telling. We are also sharing our content with other news organizations, helping to fill the void as the budgets of mainstream media contract.

 The news business is suffering right now, and everyone involved with it is trying to figure out what kind of economic model can work. Our focus is nonprofit, civic journalism, but here on the MassINC website we’re reaching out to others interested in the future of the news business, soliciting their thoughts and ideas.   What will happen in the months and years ahead is anyone’s guess, but our new website puts us at the center of the debate.

 We invite you to join us on this journey. Come to our events, exchange ideas on our website, and send us your thoughts on what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. News and information is a lot like drinking water; everyone needs it, but all too often people take it for granted. Don’t do that.

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