MassINC Polling Group launches partnership with WBUR

BOSTON—The MassINC Polling Group (MPG) today announced the formation of a polling partnership with WBUR, a nonprofit affiliate of NPR. As a part of the newly formed agreement, MPG will conduct a series of polls on behalf of WBUR, which will extend through the 2012 election cycle.  

The relationship reflects WBUR’s effort to augment its award-winning news reporting with independent analysis and content such as polling. MPG, a private subsidiary of the Boston think tank MassINC, polls regularly on policy issues and political races, among other work, and is known for independence as well as sharp insight and commentary. 

The relationship began this fall and has produced three widely cited polls, including the poll released last week on the 2012 Massachusetts Senate contest and other issues. 


About the MassINC Polling Group: The MassINC Polling Group (MPG) is an independent, non-partisan organization providing public opinion research and analysis to public, private, and social sector clients. MPG is a full service opinion polling operation offering strategic consultation, a wide-ranging suite of analytical products, and high-level communication and outreach planning.  For more information, visit

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