Letter to our friends and supporters

To our Supporters and Friends –

We at MassINC are proud of our commitment to objective, non-partisan research and journalism.  You are all well aware of the fierce adherence we have to the integrity of the work of both MassINC and CommonWealth, and it is a credit to you that you choose to support an organization with such an independent agenda.  There are enough outlets for high friction partisanship these days both in the media and everyday life, and not enough that provide the kind of unbiased discussion for which we have always been known.  

This morning, the Boston Herald published a cover story calling some aspects of our organization into question. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the issues raised in the story.  I’d also add that we have worked cooperatively with the reporter, given our own dedication to disclosure and public records, but remain both disappointed in the way our information was portrayed, and unsure if this will be the only story.

MassINC donors: We rely on the support of individual citizens who represent 37% of our total support on an annual basis, businesses (15%), foundations (32%), and quasi-public agencies (3%). We thank each and every one of you for your continued support. We would not be able to continue our commitment to the top shelf civic journalism of CommonWealth, or the high quality research of MassINC without your ongoing support.  

MassINC’s Board: The composition of our board is further demonstration of our commitment to neutrality. Of our board members, we have high profile Democrats, Independents, and Republicans as well as leading voices from the business community, labor, community-based organizations, higher education and other interests. Even the most partisan observers, including political candidates and their campaign staffs credit MassINC with acting as a neutral table around which important issues can be discussed.  

MassINC events: Our event program, available free of charge thanks to our supporters, is an extension of our policy work and an excellent example of MassINC’s ability to bring all sides to the table.  Consider these examples: Learning for Growth: The Gateway Cities Education Summit; Moving Forward with Funding: New strategies to support transportation and balanced regional economic growth; Gubernatorial Issues Debate on Cape Wind; and A New Path for Probation.  These topics and events represent just a portion of our overall policy work and reflect MassINC’s mission to stimulate non partisan debate, shape policy and advance a public agenda that supports the growth of the middle class in Massachusetts. 

Finally, regarding CommonWealth magazine, I offer the continued in-depth, fact-based reporting of Editor Bruce Mohl and his team of journalists as evidence of our independence, not to mention our significant contribution to the public affairs arena here in Massachusetts.    

I extend to each of you a personal thank you for your friendship and support over our 15 years of operation. We are counting on your continued support over our next 15 years and I welcome any feedback or questions you have concerning this story.



Greg Torres
President of MassINC
Publisher of CommonWealth magazine

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