GOP debate day after, City Council maps, and MBTA survey fail

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Gain-November-e1447260122567GOP Debate Recap: It’s the morning after yet another Republican presidential debate night. It’s too early to know whether anyone’s performance is going to result in a meaningful change in the polls. Remember: those online snap polls are like psychic hotlines: for entertainment purposes only. Especially when they start taking responses before the debate is even over.

The debates can move poll numbers, so keep an eye out for the real polls later in the week and early next week.Our last poll of the Republican primary in New Hampshire, taken after the last Republican debate, saw Marco Rubio and Chris Christie gaining significantly. On the other side,Hillary Clinton gained significantly after her first matchup with the Democratic field.

The early reaction is the Rubio and Ted Cruz had good nights again; that Ben Carson was better than he had been; and that Carly Fiorina and Rand Paul made their marks. Jeb Bush, while improved, wasn’t improved enough to break through. And John Kasich’s aggressive attempts to insert himself from stage left likely backfired.

But that’s all punditry. Wait for the polls to see what voters thought.

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Mapping the City Council At Large Election: In our latest piece for WBUR’s Politicker, we went deep on the results of Boston’s City Council At Large race, where 5 candidates were vying for 4 seats. See who won where, how top vote getters Ayanna Pressley and Michelle Wu fared, and how newcomer Annissa Essaibi George bested longtime councillor Steve Murphy.

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