Mass Housing Partnership: Transforming TOD through Affordable Housing

Gateways Episode 23

On this episode of Gateways, Tracy sits down with Susan Connelly, Director of Community Assistance and Strategic Partnerships at the Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP), a nonprofit organization that supports and finances affordable housing.

First, Susan addresses how intentional, community- and regionally-minded planning can alleviate some of the challenges brought up by Amy Dain’s recent report on the State of Zoning for Multi-Family Housing in the Greater Boston Area that exist in our Gateway Cities.

Next, Susan elaborates on MHP’s Technical Assistance Program, which provides assistance tailored to every municipalities’ needs by weaving together local, state, and third-party resources. Like transit-oriented development policy, questions of community engagement, equity, and housing quality remain always on the forefront of MHP’s agenda. Tracy and Susan discuss the very real and specific services that MHP provides to help Gateway Cities secure the small wins that make a big difference to the people and communities of Massachusetts

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