The art of MART’s health and human services operation

Gateways Episode 25

This week Tracy digs into the health and human services (HHS) transportation operation at the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART). MART’s HHS brokerage delivers more than 6 million rides to medical and healthcare appointments for residents in 70% of Massachusetts. How is the Fitchburg-based transit authority able to provide such crucial services across most of the Commonwealth?

Tracy talks to MART’s administrator Mohammad Khan, deputy administrator Bruno Fisher, and communications and grants director Bonnie Mahoney as well as Himanshu Bhatnagar, CEO of HB Software Solutions and MART subcontractor. They and four others explain how MART’s unique model has cut HHS transit operating costs in half for six state agencies while also spurring entrepreneurship and economic development across the state.

Show Notes:

  1. FY18 HST Program Overview
  2. MART Area and HST Statewide Brokerage Map

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