There’s more to transformative TOD than real estate

Gateways Episode 53

This week on Gateways, Tracy and Ben talk about how to convert Gateway City TOD from transactional to transformative through equity, the subject of an upcoming MassINC report. Tracy and Ben kick off the conversation with an assessment of Governor Charlie Baker’s unveiling of An Act Enabling Partnerships for Growth – an economic development bill that promises opportunities for equitable and sustainable growth, especially in Gateway Cities.

We then hear from Glynn Lloyd, the director of the Foundation for Business Equity, an organization dedicated to helping Black and Latinx entrepreneurs reach their full growth potential. He joins Tracy to talk about two important elements of his work – connecting entrepreneurs with creative capital and providing smart advice. Gateway Cities represent vast opportunity for small businesses to thrive and for the cities themselves to prosper — but that requires equity. Glynn and Tracy dig into all of that and more.

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