Poll: Mass. voters say an even split of millionaire’s tax would be a fair share

Two-thirds think surtax proceeds should go into a trust fund.

February 10, 2023

When Massachusetts voters approved a new surtax on income over $1 million last year, it was clear what that money was supposed to go to: transportation and education. But how much should go to each?

A new poll from The MassINC Polling Group (topline, crosstabs) finds that just under half of voters (47 percent) favor an even split between the two areas of spending. Among the rest there was a slight preference for education: 21 percent favored more money for education and some transportation, compared to 10 percent who wanted more for transportation. Only a few voters wanted to see the money go only to transportation or education exclusively with nothing for the other priority (7 percent each). Massachusetts voters have remained remarkably consistent on the issue, with distribution of opinion in the new poll nearly identical to a previous version of the question MPG asked in December 2021.

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