Remembering Greg Torres

To our friends, partners, and supporters,

It is with a heavy heart we share the news that Greg Torres, former CEO and chair of the board of MassINC, passed away earlier this week.

Greg’s contributions to MassINC are innumerable. He joined MassINC in 2007 as President and CEO. In 2018, he transitioned to be Chair of the Board, a role he served in until June 2023.

Greg cared deeply about the “common wealth” of Massachusetts. His commitment to providing opportunity to its residents is deeply woven throughout our work. He was the driving force behind MassINC’s yearslong effort to reform our criminal justice system, setting an ambitious agenda to make Massachusetts a model nationwide. He was an early and constant champion of “Gateway Cities,” recognizing the transformative potential of a shared agenda and coordinated advocacy. And he strongly believed in the value of accessible, independent, and non-partisan journalism, serving as publisher of CommonWealth during his tenure and helping to build a strategy for its future growth while serving as board chair. Greg was also instrumental in founding The MassINC Polling Group in 2010, elevating the public voice in Massachusetts.

To learn more about Greg’s life and legacy, we encourage you to read his obituaries in the Boston Globe and CommonWealth, along with this Boston Globe column.

Above all, Greg cared about people. He was a mentor to many, leading with generosity and kindness. He was quick to support and applaud the accomplishments of others and to downplay his own role in any given success. His circle of colleagues, partners, and friends always had room for one more. We know that this circle also brought him much comfort over the past few months and great hope for the future.

For many years, Greg was the heart and soul of MassINC. We will carry on the work to make Massachusetts a place of civic vitality and inclusive economic opportunity.

Thank you, Greg.


Eileen O’Connor
Chair of the Board

Joe Kriesberg

Maeve Duggan

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