Transformative Transit-Oriented Development (TTOD) Intern

The Gateway Cities Innovation Institute at MassINC seeks interns for its Transformative Transit-Oriented Development (TTOD) Initiative. This paid internship provides a great opportunity in a fast-paced, professional environment to analyze and influence policies that yield equitable growth, environmental and fiscal benefits for the Commonwealth’s regional cities through TTOD. Graduate, undergraduate and PhD students with an interest in public policy in the areas of economic development, land use (including housing and commercial real estate), entrepreneurship, and transportation are encouraged to apply. Successful applicants will report to the Transit-Oriented Development Fellow.

Applications are screened on an ongoing basis until each term’s positions have been filled. As of April 1st, 2020, we are screening highly-qualified student candidates for the following needs:

  • Quantitative data analysis: assist with gathering, organizing, and analyzing secondary data in the above-listed policy areas.
  • Qualitative case study analysis: assist with gathering, organizing, and analyzing discourses related to policy areas listed above. May also include conducting interviews with key stakeholders.
  • Event support for forums across the Commonwealth. Some travel may be required during the workday and early evening hours (weekdays only).
  • Other support of the initiative as needed.

Preferred skills include:

  • Intermediate/advanced competency with spreadsheets, Tableau, ArcGIS or Qgis, or related quantitative and spatial analysis software
  • Excellent English-language writing and verbal communication
  • Flexibility to be responsive to rapid policy changes
  • Ability to think critically and challenge assumptions in a non-partisan, human-centered way
  • Bilingual applicants in languages used by communities in our Gateway Cities are encouraged to apply

Applications for Fall 2020 will be reviewed starting in July.

For interested candidates who are available 12 to 20 hours a week, send a resume and a cover letter indicating policy interests, skills, availability for this highly competitive internship to Compensation will be determined based on the applicant’s skills and experience.


The Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth (MassINC) is a rigorously nonpartisan think tank and civic organization. We focus on putting the American Dream within the reach of everyone in Massachusetts using three distinct tools—research, journalism, and civic engagement. Our work is characterized by accurate data, careful analysis, and unbiased conclusions.


The Gateway Cities Innovation Institute works to unlock the economic potential of small to midsize regional cities. Leveraging MassINC’s research, polling, and policy team, the Institute strengthens connections across communities and helps Gateway City leaders develop and advance a shared policy agenda.


The Gateway Cities Innovation Institute kicked off its TTOD Initiative in April 2018 with the release of a study quantifying the potential opportunity and impact of transit-oriented development in Gateway Cities with current or planned commuter rail service. Until 2021, we will expand this foundational research to test a range of strategies that improve the transit rider experience by promoting frequent, all-day, accessible service and stimulating inclusive growth and development in Gateway Cities and surrounding communities.


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