Olivia Wine Research Director, The MassINC Polling Group

Olivia Wine joined the MassINC Polling Group after completing a master’s degree in Public Policy with a certificate in policy analysis from the University of Chicago. She attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a bachelor’s degree in sociology and continues to work remotely from Madison.

Olivia joins MPG with extensive experience and knowledge of non-profit work, criminal legal policy, project management, consulting, and research methods. Olivia worked with the non-profit Proud Theater as a mentor, operations manager, and program manager for eight years. She has a minor in criminal justice from the University of Wisconsin, worked as a fellow with the Dane County Community Restorative Courts, and specialized in criminal and social policy at the University of Chicago. She has project management and consulting experience via her work with Proud Theater, CampusCATALYST, and the Harris Policy Labs of University of Chicago. Her experience with research spans across all areas of her education and employment history.

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