Ready for Reform?

Public Opinion on Criminal Justice in Massachusetts

Published Date : May 8, 2014
Sponsors :Gardiner Howland Shaw Foundation

The Boston Foundation

This full report expands on the findings presented at MassINC’s Criminal Justice Summit with Gov. Patrick in February 2013.

The research – a poll of Massachusetts residents and four focus groups, conducted by the non-partisan MassINC Polling Group – shows that Bay Staters want a criminal justice system that is effective at reducing crimes through prevention and rehabilitation. To get there, they think many of the reforms adopted in other states would be effective. They think there are too many inmates in prison, and that time in prison is actually contributing to recidivism.

This report was made possible through the generous support of the Shaw Foundation, The Boston Foundation, the Public Welfare Foundation and individual donors.

We look forward to sharing the findings of this report with lawmakers, prosecutors, law enforcement, criminal justice advocate and other stakeholders, as we continue our work on this important issue.

Meet The Authors

Ben Forman

Research Director, MassINC

Rich Parr

Senior Research Director, The MassINC Polling Group

Steve Koczela

President, The MassINC Polling Group

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