Talking strategy with Alan Berube and Hugh Dunn

Gateways Episode 3

What are think tanks up to these days, anyways?

In this episode of Gateways, Ben Forman speaks with Senior Fellow and Deputy Director of the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program, Alan Berube, about facilitating inclusive economic opportunity in the Gateway Cities and what it’s really like to tell your family that you work at a think tank.

Alan, who keynoted the Sixth Annual Gateway Cities Innovation Awards earlier this year, deepens the conversation with reflections on his recent research, while I talk about newly-published MassINC findings on opportunity zones and transit-oriented development in Gateway Cities.

Aimee also speaks with Hugh Dunn, Executive Director of the South Coast Development Partnership, who updates us on major economic leaps that the South Coast of Massachusetts has made in recent years–and what’s still left to be done.

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