Conversations from the Gateway Cities Innovation Summit & Awards

BONUS Gateways Episode

During the Gateway Cities Innovation Summit & Awards, our host Tracy got to speak with some of the awardees who are working toward realizing all the potential our Gateway Cities offer. Nick Giaquinto served as chief of staff for late Brockton Mayor Bill Carpenter. Nick accepted the award on behalf of his boss, who he describes as having been a tireless servant to the city.

Rob May reveals the ingredients to his infamous “7-layer dip,” a combination of city planning tools and services that function to catalyze growth. Mickey Northcutt of the North Shore Community Development Coalition discusses the evolution happening in Salem’s El Punto neighborhood, pointing to the 2017 installment of the Punto Urban Art Museum. Christopher Coes, the keynote speaker at the Awards, remarked on the potential that Massachusetts has to boost up its Gateway cities, urging, “Don’t mess this up.”

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