Greg Torres to receive “Good Guy Award”

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus will honor Greg Torres, MassINC President and Publisher of CommonWealth magazine, at the 9th Annual Good Guys Awards.  Torres joins Senator John Kerry (Lifetime Achievement Award winner); Speaker Robert DeLeo; Sheriff Frank Cousins Jr., Sheriff of Essex County; and Rick Rendon, Founder & President, Empower Peace in this year’s program

Journalism: The poetry of the new decade

1 Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Jared Sugerman is tired of hearing about the Death of Newspapers.  A Northeastern University senior and journalism major, Sugerman says he can’t count how many times a week someone asks why he planned his studies around a field with so few jobs. Even worse, some well-meaning types imagine he hasn’t

The day the Globe jumped the shark

Despite the endless buyouts, the foreign bureaus’ closure, the consolidation of the regional sections, the threat of liquidation, and manifold other insults and injuries, the Globe is still a must-read for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in Boston. But—let’s be honest—the pressure of morphing from a venerable broadsheet (for whom I once

News cuts tilt coverage toward upscale

It is now widely recognized that daily newspapers, amid the upheaval that is occurring in the journalism business, have been cutting back on the origination of serious news coverage. What is less widely appreciated, however, is that the axe has been falling more heavily on coverage of matters affecting roughly the lower two-thirds of the

Purcell spends $1m on computer system

 A new computer system at The Boston Herald is being sold internally as a concrete symbol of publisher Patrick Purcell’s long-term commitment to the newspaper. Kevin Convey, the Herald’s editor, says Purcell has never considered walking away from the newspaper. Yet he said Purcell’s purchase of a nearly $1 million computer system for the Herald

Ad revenue slides at Globe, Telegram

Advertising revenue slid a combined 27.6 percent last year at The Boston Globe and Worcester Telegram, while price increases boosted circulation revenue by nearly 9 percent. Those were the big Massachusetts takeaways in the fourth-quarter report of The New York Times Co., which owns the Globe and the Telegram. The Times itself reported a profit

New MassINC research report: Amid rising tuition costs and heavy debt burdens, college marketplace lacks consumer focus

For Immediate ReleaseFebruary 8, 2010Contact: Marjorie Malpiede, 617-548-6808   Amid rising tuition costs and heavy debt burdens,college marketplace lacks consumer focus Facing complex choices with inadequate information, families make costly mistakes BOSTON-Rising college costs have Americans making greater sacrifices to get their degrees. In 2008, families took on more than $86 billion in college loans

The Bay State Banner’s Menino conversion

The Bay State Banner, an African-American newspaper in Boston, has turned from watchdog to lapdog when it comes to Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino For some years, the Banner had been known for taking editorial whacks at Menino.  Last April, for example, the paper editorialized that Menino, during his 17 years in office, had never

A talk with Planning for College author Tony Broh

1 Tuesday, February 9, 2010 , to discuss major themes in this new research. Listen to Tony’s insights by clicking on the links below: How did you become interested in a consumer approach to college choice? Why a college decision “tree”? How should parents and students think about value in choosing colleges differently than they

The Kindle and I

I had no intention of buying a Kindle (honest). I feared its impact on bookstores. I felt there might still be kinks to work out.  And I figured the price would come down.  But just before Christmas I suddenly owned one. It was a birthday gift from my spouse. Two weeks later I canceled my

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