Moving Forward with Funding

New strategies to support transportation and balanced regional economic growth

Published Date : October 26, 2011

Difficult economic times have created a host of challenges for Massachusetts. Among them, the financial shortfalls of the state’s transportation agencies place high on the list. The MBTA is considering fare hikes and service cuts; even with these actions, real questions remain about how the agency will close gaps and keep the aging system operating in the future. The state’s 15 regional transportation agencies are also struggling. They have gone years without an increase in state funding. Most have already raised fares and reduced the modest service upon which many of the state’s most economically disadvantaged residents depend.

At this crossroads, Massachusetts faces a choice. The state can continue on the current course, applying fresh financial bandages, or Massachusetts can depart boldly from the status quo by giving regions across the Commonwealth tools to invest in public transportation at levels consistent with their needs and aspirations for economic growth.

Moving Forward with Funding charts this second route, presenting the economic rationale for a bolder approach and demonstrating how new strategies would help Massachusetts make optimal investments in public transportation.

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