Voters Support the Changes to Accountability Envisioned by Gateway City Leaders

Survey of registered voters in Massachusetts

Published Date : December 13, 2016
Author(s) : Ben Forman and Steve Koczela

Across Massachusetts, Gateway City leaders are working to create exceptional learning environments. It’s a community-wide effort. By strategically marshalling available resources, Gateway Cities can provide the comprehensive supports and educational opportunities that will enable students to gain the full set of advanced skills today’s economy requires. Achieving this vision calls for new approaches to state accountability. Findings from a recent public opinion survey show that voters in both Gateway Cities and other Massachusetts cities and towns embrace change: they want more information to reliably gauge the effectiveness of schools across multiple dimensions, coupled with flexibility at the local level to determine priorities for improvement.

Meet The Authors

Ben Forman

Research Director, MassINC

Steve Koczela

President, The MassINC Polling Group

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