The Bay State Banner’s Menino conversion

The Bay State Banner, an African-American newspaper in Boston, has turned from watchdog to lapdog when it comes to Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino For some years, the Banner had been known for taking editorial whacks at Menino.  Last April, for example, the paper editorialized that Menino, during his 17 years in office, had never

A talk with Planning for College author Tony Broh

1 Tuesday, February 9, 2010 , to discuss major themes in this new research. Listen to Tony’s insights by clicking on the links below: How did you become interested in a consumer approach to college choice? Why a college decision “tree”? How should parents and students think about value in choosing colleges differently than they

The Kindle and I

I had no intention of buying a Kindle (honest). I feared its impact on bookstores. I felt there might still be kinks to work out.  And I figured the price would come down.  But just before Christmas I suddenly owned one. It was a birthday gift from my spouse. Two weeks later I canceled my

Brian McGrory or Jack Flynn?

It’s great to have Brian McGrory back writing for The Boston Globe, but sometimes I wonder whether he forgets he’s writing a metro column and not a novel featuring his intrepid Boston newspaper reporter Jack Flynn. As you may recall, McGrory stopped writing his metro column three years ago and assumed the post of deputy

Our apologies on posting problems

Friday, February 5, 2010 We really do want to hear from you. We are, however, experiencing some technical difficulties in our MassINC forums and comment capabilities. If you have posted a comment and it is not appearing, we will share it shortly.  Please return again in a few days to join in. Your opinion matters.

Upcoming MassINC report featured in Winter 2010 edition of The New England Journal of Higher Education

The latest issue of The New England Journal of Higher Education released this week features “Price and Value,” an article based on MassINC’s upcoming report, “Planning for College: A Consumer Approach to the Higher Education Marketplace. The article summarizes the report, due out next week, by education consultant C. Anthony Broh and Dana Ansel , former MassINC research

Experiments with the news

Faced with declining profits and defections of their once-loyal audiences, Massachusetts-based news media organizations are experimenting with new ways of creating and presenting their content, everything from shifting to Web-only publications to reporting collaborations with nonprofit groups and universities. The Christian Science Monitor took the most radical step nearly a year ago, abandoning its print

The BRA’s pre-buttal

By Bruce Mohl David Guarino, in a blog post on MS&L Boston’s PR Finish Line, praises the Boston Redevelopment Authority for releasing what he calls a pre-buttal to last week’s investigative reports on the agency by CommonWealth magazine and Fox 25 Undercover.  The reports focused on an unusual fee imposed by the agency on certain

Brown the man or Brown the number?

By Jim Borghesani The stories by the Globe and CommonWealth magazine on Monday regarding the phenomenal amount of down-the-stretch cash that flowed into US Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s coffers from across the nation provided, for me, a bit more clarity on the lessons learned from his victory. Maybe it wasn’t the truck, or the singing daughter,

Print still rules

So many websites…what’s a PR pro to do?  One thing to do is never forget the formula that has been driving news stories since, oh, forever. Get it into print.  Yes, there are scads of sites now catering to every PR category: hard news, entertainment news, restaurant news, sports news, tech news.  Yes, PR folks

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