The Next Generation Accountability Learning Community (NGALC) explores ESSA from the perspective of small-to-midsize urban districts.

Through in depth conversations with policy experts and fellow educators from across New England, members of the NGALC will identify opportunities and challenges the new law presents for schools serving large concentrations of high-need students.


Articles from NGALC

MA Board of Elementary & Secondary Education Looks at ESSA Implementation

The Massachusetts Board of Elementary & Secondary Education met on September 27th and heard from agency staff on ESSA outreach and implementation. In materials made public for the meeting, the Department published a list of indicators suggested by external stakeholders during outreach performed by the department over the spring and summer. A couple of observations

NGALC Meeting #3 Recap  

Hearing the voice of urban school leaders

NGALC members gathered on September 20th for a third and final meeting. Unlike the other sessions, there were no expert presentations. This gathering focused on hearing from the members and hashing out their thinking on next generation accountability after three months of reflecting together on the opportunities and challenges ESSA presents. For the first two sessions,

NGALC Dispatch #2

Establishing Principles for Accountability

How can educators make the Every Student Succeeds Act a pivot to smarter, next generation school accountability? With generous support from the Barr Foundation, the Next Generation Accountability Learning Community (NGALC) is examining this question with an emphasis on small-to-midsize cities, communities that serve a disproportionate share of the disadvantaged students—the core focus of the new federal

ESSA Updates

A look at how stakeholders are responding to the USDOE’s draft regulations

While many lauded ESSA for providing more flexibility to state and local educators, many state officials, advocacy groups, and education experts have expressed concern over proposed ESSA regulations issued in May 2016. Their chief concerns pertain to how the regulations overstep the language of the original statute. Some of the most common objections to the

NGALC Meeting 2 Recap

Measuring social-emotional skills, school climate, and CCR

Last Thursday, the NGALC convened to look at how next generation accountability frameworks integrate college and career readiness, school climate, and social-emotional skills. The group’s discussion pivoted on how accountability policies ensure that we don’t undercut nonacademic learning, while avoiding the unintended consequences that the introduction of high-stakes measures can produce. Our expert presenters explored

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