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Recent Issues of the MassCJRC Journal:

Half an ocean away (8/17/18)

Putting our money where our mouth is (9/13/18)

Finding Better Ways to Allocate Limited Public Safety Resources (6/12/18)

Reflecting Back on the Criminal Justice Data Revolution (3/29/18)

Patriots make a big play on criminal justice reform (2/7/18)

What is Justice Reinvestment without the “reinvestment”? (10/23/17)

Looking to Colorado for a True Model of Justice Reinvestment (9/13/17)

Refusing to Remain #StuckOnReplay (7/27/17)

Fighting for a More Just and Equitable Commonwealth (6/22/17)

“There is no issue more worthy of our efforts, and no time left for inaction.”(5/3/17)

Profiles in Courage (3/9/17)

Checking the pulse on criminal justice reform (10/28/16)

Bringing community corrections into focus (10/7/16)

Doing our job (9/12/16)

Supporting Our Police Officers on Criminal Justice Reform (7/19/16)

Expunging Juvenile Records (5/20/16)

Unpacking the Story Behind the Data (4/14/16)

Highlights from The Third Annual Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Coalition Policy Summit (3/23/16)

Ben Forman Op-Ed: With Prison Reform, Mass. Must Take Steps to Reduce Recidivism Rates (2/12/16)

Massachusetts Digs in on Justice-Reinvestment (1/27/16)

Improving the Way We Serve Justice-Involved Young Adults (12/21/15)

Kicking Off the Justice Reinvestment Policy Brief Series (10/7/15)

Massachusetts Criminal Justice Reform Coalition Applauds Leadership on Invitation to Council on State Governments (8/3/15)

Rethinking Tough on Crime with Michael Jonas (7/21/15)

At State House Forum, Leaders Respond to New Evidence with Calls for Corrections Reform (6/3/15)

Second Annual Criminal Justice Summit Sparks Public Debate (3/27/15)

Governor Patrick Reconstitutes the Sentencing Commission (10/15/14)

Mass. voters want Criminal Justice Reform (7/28/14)

Ready for Reform? New report on public opinion says yes. (5/8/14)

National Criminal Justice Reform: Is the Pendulum Finally Settling in the Middle? (3/24/14)

Gov. Patrick announces plan to reduce recidivism; new poll shows strong public support for reform (2/27/14)

Setting the tone on sentencing reform (8/26/13)

An update on our work (7/16/13)


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