Andrew Rice to present at first convening 

National expert on academic measurers of student growth joins NGALC leaders 

Andrew Rice, Vice President of Research and Operations at Education Analytics Inc. will serve as an expert presenter at the first convening of the NGALC. This session will focus on integrating foundational metrics of school success into accountability policies, including academic achievement, growth, and English language proficiency. 

Andrew works with local school districts, labor organizations, national educational organizations, and state and federal education departments to assist in data analysis and policymaking. He is a leading thinker on student growth methodologies, including value-added models, student growth percentile models, and other techniques for determining learning gains. Aside from the technical aspects of these methodologies, his focus is on acceptable use and new policy mechanisms for advanced metrics in public education. His past experience includes working as both a Researcher and the Technical Chief of Staff for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Value-Added Research Center, where he helped develop growth metrics for school systems across the country.

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