In an age when many residents prefer to live and work in transit-accessible locations, cities across the US are building rail and bus rapid transit lines to spur growth through transit-oriented development. Most of our Gateway Cities already have commuter rail service, providing valuable transit connectivity. While there are some signs of life near this transit infrastructure, it is largely underutilized and development that does occur in station areas is often less than optimal.

The TTOD Initiative is an intensive multi-year research effort led by MassINC’s Gateway Cities Innovation Institute. The initiative kicked off in April 2018 with the release of a major study quantifying the potential opportunity and impact of TOD in 13 Gateway Cities with current or planned commuter rail service. Over the next three years, we will expand upon this foundational research with a series of reports and policy briefs testing a range of strategies to leverage existing transit assets to stimulate inclusive economic growth in these key regional cities



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