Connor Lentz Research Assistant, MassINC

Connor is a research assistant at MassINC, as a part of Northeastern University’s six-month cooperative education program. Connor is in his senior year studying political science, philosophy, and economics, and is concentrating his studies on game theory, logic, and public policy. He previously worked as a casework assistant in the District Office of Congressman Seth Moulton, as a regulatory specialist co-op at the Massachusetts Department of Telecommunications and Cable, and volunteered as the fundraising director of a state representative campaign in Massachusetts. During his time at Northeastern he has studied abroad at the London School of Economics, and at Meiji University in Tokyo. Connor is a member of Northeastern University’s International Relations Council and competes nationally with Northeastern’s Model Arab League and Model NATO teams. Originally from Maine, Connor now resides in Boston.

ARTICLES By Connor Lentz

Governing Local Accountability

The Health of School Committees and Councils in Gateway Cities

Paper two documented a dearth of local account­ability practice in Gateway Cities. The third and final installment in our series, this report traces the absence of robust local accountability in these communities to fundamental weaknesses in governing bodies at both the school and the district levels. The authors conclude with policy recommendations to position school

School and District Improvement Plans

A Review of Local Accountability Practice in Massachusetts Gateway Cities

The second installment in a series of three reports, this paper explores the extent to which communities in Massachusetts exercise local accountability through an examination of Gateway City school and district improvement plans. Data gleaned from a review of these plans suggest communities are not complementing and building upon state and federal performance measures with

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