About the Gateway Cities Vision

Generating a shared vision for educational excellence.

In 2013, Gateway City leaders came together to develop an education Vision. Their farsighted plan leverages unique urban assets to create exceptional learning environments. Achieving this shared vision is fundamental to making Gateway Cities more attractive communities for families to live and more productive places for employers to locate.

Working creatively to advance the vision.

The Gateway Cities Innovation Institute has been a nimble ally, seeking out opportunities to advance the vision. The Institute helped launch the Building on What Works Coalition to push for progress on the early components of the vision. We commissioned Donahue Institute research to better understand the landscape for delivering the social-emotional supports envisioned. To advance the vision’s college and career pathways pillar, we co-founded the Massachusetts Institute for College and Career Readiness and led the Next Generation Accountability Learning Community.

Building a platform to sustain the effort over the long-term.

The Gateway Cities Innovation Institute was built on a commitment to maintain a steady focus on Gateway City issues. By engaging with local leaders and continuously expanding the network, this movement’s potential to effect real change grows. We are constantly looking for opportunities to spread the Vision, elevate examples of progress locally, and capitalize on openings to further state policy that better positions Gateway Cities to build dynamic community-wide learning systems.


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