CommonWealth’s Spring 2016 issue is out!

The Spring 2016 print issue is in the mail, but if you can’t wait (and who can?) here’s a rundown of what’s in it.

On the feature front, we have two interesting stories about the Legislature. One focuses on the paradox of Speaker Robert DeLeo, a seemingly affable, easy-going everyman who nevertheless maintains a vise-like grip on the House he leads. The other story focuses on how state law gives legislators enormous leeway in how they spend their campaign funds, and many take full advantage of it. MP58337RECPAPER-COVER.indd(Think leased cars, fancy restaurants, and car washes.)

We also have a story on why whites control city government in Lowell and a feature on Gerard Polcari, the new chief of procurement at the MBTA and one of several executives brought into state government by Gov. Charlie Baker with orders to change the way it works.

Our Conversation is with David (Torch) Torchiana, the CEO of Partners HealthCare, who is facing a ballot question that would play Robin Hood with his hospital system, taking money from Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s and redistributing it to their competitors.

We’ve also got stories on how the slump in prices at the gas pump is good for government at all levels, how out-of-network medical charges are surprising a lot of people, and how unpaid internships might be in violation of Massachusetts law.

In Washington, the all-Democratic congressional delegation wants to do away with seniority, and some members want to do away with Nancy Pelosi.

The One on One interview is with George Regan, the PR poobah, who says: “If you’ve got a mouth, use it.”

We’ve also got plenty of interesting opinions. Edward M. Murphy says it’s time to radically decentralize responsibilities at the Department of Children and Families. John McDonough heaps praise on the Baker administration’s handling of the Massachusetts Health Connector. And Eitan Hersh says Secretary of State William Galvin’s “low energy” is hampering efforts at election innovation.

The new issue is available through the links above, online, or as a PDF.  You can also read my editor’s note for a summary of what’s in the issue.

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