Massachusetts political parties are fading away

By the Numbers

VOTER REGISRATION UNDER party labels has been on the decline for years, but new figures show political parties in Massachusetts withering at a much greater rate than previously known, with nearly two-thirds of all voters now registered without a party designation.

On a practical level, there is little benefit to registering under a party banner in Massachusetts, given the state’s semi-open primary system, where unaffiliated voters can participate in either party’s nominating contests. This has contributed to the long term decline of party rolls. But what was a steady decline of registered partisans is now a freefall due to new systems of registering voters.

If current trends continue, party registration will be so unusual that the two-party system will cease to be a useful way to group Massachusetts voters. So few voters will be registered with parties that a young registered Democrat will be an unusual sight and young Republicans will go on the endangered species list…


Meet The Author

Steve Koczela

President, The MassINC Polling Group

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