Forecasting the Impact of Transit Cuts on Equitable Transit Oriented Development

In December 2020, the MBTA approved widespread cuts to bus and commuter rail service despite objections from officials and transit advocates. Starting in January, twenty bus lines will be shut down, and weekend commuter rail service will end for communities along the Fitchburg, Franklin, Greenbush, Haverhill, Kingston/Plymouth, Lowell and Needham lines. What impacts will the

Budgets for the days ahead: A survey of Massachusetts voters

With budget deficits created by the COVID-19 pandemic, legislators and political officials across the commonwealth are facing difficult choices. Demands for government services have soared, while revenue projections are uncertain. State and local government are on the frontlines of the public sector response to the crisis as businesses close, unemployment remains high, and a historic

FY21 budget offers a beacon for Justice Reinvestment

The Gateway Cities Journal

The FY21 budget, which passed both branches last week, goes even further by creating a true “Justice Reinvestment” fund and capitalizing it with a $15 million appropriation. From job training and transitional employment to housing stabilization, a wide range of community-based programs are eligible for these resources.

Gateway Cities can’t afford cuts to MBTA service

The Gateway Cities Journal

By the time we emerge from the pandemic and turn the economy back on, we will be winding down the transportation networks central to an equitable recovery. But an affordable, accessible, and reliable public transit is especially vital to Gateway City revitalization.

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