LOCUS and Opportunity Zones

GATEWAYS Episode 2

With regulations only just released last week, opportunity zones have excited developers, policymakers, and growth advocates alike. But what sort of opportunities do they really offer the Gateway Cities? Will development continue to focus on Boston and Cambridge’s “tier-one” markets, or will real estate investors be incentivized to build in cities far outside the Boston bubble?

We asked Christopher Coes of Smart Growth America and Elijah Plymesser of LOCUS to find out.

Tune in to the most recent episode of Gateways, where co-hosts Ben Forman and Aimee Weeden chat about the potential effects of the opportunity zones in our Gateway Cities, the newly bipartisan mindset of transit-oriented development policy, and the state of fine dining along the waterfront in their most recently-visited Gateway City: New Bedford.

If you have any thoughts or feedback on potential guests, don’t hesitate to reach out to Gateways’ producer, Rachel Dec.

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