Wonk & Roll: Moving beyond access in higher education

I have just one reaction to issues raised at this week’s fine “Reinventing the University” conference sponsored by the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE): How serious is higher education about change?  If we are indeed living during a period of “transformation” in higher education, as Pat Callan asserted at the NEBHE event, we have

Economic anxiety dampens confidence in American Dream in Massachusetts

Only 20% of Massachusetts residents believe the next generation will be better off financially than the current one, according to a poll released today by The MassINC Polling Group.  The poll also showed that, among those pessimistic about the next generation’s prospects, gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker leads 47-29, while Governor Patrick leads 53-20 among these

Wonk & Roll: Three cheers for three year degree

UMass Amherst’s announcement that it will start offering a three-year undergraduate degree is good news for ambitious students and cash strapped families looking to save some money. For those high school seniors who can cut it, a three-year degree is a good option to have when considering where to attend college.  According to the Globe,

CommonWealth Bellwether project taps into voter psyche

CommonWealth magazine announced today it is embarking on an experiment in online direct democracy to capture voter attitudes during a pivotal election year.  The experiment will focus on Milford, Massachusetts, and will involve a website where citizens can go to discuss the issues affecting their town.  Milford residents, politicians and media can propose issues for discussion,

Wonk & Roll: Will Obama pick balance the scales?

We get to meet and work with a lot of very talented people here at MassINC.  But over the years (nine for me and counting) no one has impressed me more than Elizabeth Warren, named on Friday by President Obama to lead the newly created Consumer Financial Protection agency. CommonWealth interviewed Warren in 2003 about

Wonk & Roll: Local solutions to national gridlock

Brookings policy honcho and MassINC board member Bruce Katz’s call today in Politico about an emerging “pragmatic caucus” led by leaders in states and cities around the nation is just what we “wonk & rollers” want to hear.  It’s time for a lot more “bottom-up innovation”—too bad most of the media isn’t paying attention.  We

A call to service

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 By Amelia Aubourg There are a number of social justice issues that need our attention. As young professionals, we play a crucial part in responding to these issues with our gifts of time, talent and treasure. Members of the Boston Young Professionals Society of the American Red Cross of Mass Bay

Wonk & Roll: Required reading on higher ed

I’ve been a regular reader of the Washington Monthly since the 1980s and their annual college guide, out this week, has become one of my favorite issues.  Here’s why: it turns the college rankings system on its head by trying to measure how well colleges are contributing to the nation’s wellbeing. Simply put, the rankings

Helping the buyer beware in the higher education marketplace

As reported in today’s Boston Globe, the coming “crackdown” on higher education institutions with high student default rates is long overdue. It’s no surprise that many of the institutions that will be affected are in the for-profit sector, a market with significant growth in recent years producing mixed results.  Perhaps it’s time to learn some

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