Greg Torres: The Ultimate Good Guy

Friday, February 26, 2010 By Jenny Armini and Sarah Magazine, of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus We just got back from the MWPC awards ceremony and have realized that it would take countless hours to figure out exactly how many lives Greg Torres has transformed.  The task is probably impossible because Greg leaves an indelible

The Monitors web first approach

Nearly one year after the newspaper presses stopped rolling at The Christian Science Monitor, editor John Yemma continues to fine-tune the 102-year-old international news outlet’s transformation from a daily into what he calls a “web-first” publication.  “The biggest lesson to me of having a ‘web-first’  newsroom is that you begin to think more like some

Web news: Chicago vs. Boston

From the Knight Digital Media Center last week came this report on a number of news-gathering web operations that have sprouted in Chicago. Having practiced journalism in both Chicago and Boston, I can cite a number of similarities between these two outstanding cities.  They both are driven in large part by those three entertaining pastimes —

BRA responds to pricey records requests

1 Friday, February 19, 2010 The Boston Redevelopment Authority responded to our post about the exorbitant costs of a public records request. The BRA had hit WFXT-TV’s (Channel 25) Fox Undercover unit with a bill for more than $47,000 for information they were seeking during a joint investigation with CommonWealth magazine surrounding the agency’s affordable

No funds for Open Meeting Law enforcement

No one, it appears, is policing public officials to make sure they comply with the state’s Open Meeting Law. Attorney General Martha Coakley, in a presentation to Beacon Hill budget officials earlier this week, said the Legislature transferred enforcement of the state’s Open Meeting Law from the 11 district attorneys to her office. But lawmakers

Full disclosure, at a cost

The highly respected Center for Public Integrity discovered what local reporters have learned about the high cost of public records in Massachusetts. The Center this week released the results of its nearly two-year investigation in conjunction with the Center for Investigative Reporting into state and local spending of Homeland Security funds. This is what they found

Pricey public records

The Public Records Law could become its own stimulus package, saving public jobs and generating a healthy revenue stream for cash-strapped government agencies by charging thousands of dollars to fulfill information requests. Case in point: A joint investigation by CommonWealth magazine and the Fox Undercover team at WFXT-TV (Channel 25) into the dealings of the

Greg Torres to receive “Good Guy Award”

The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus will honor Greg Torres, MassINC President and Publisher of CommonWealth magazine, at the 9th Annual Good Guys Awards.  Torres joins Senator John Kerry (Lifetime Achievement Award winner); Speaker Robert DeLeo; Sheriff Frank Cousins Jr., Sheriff of Essex County; and Rick Rendon, Founder & President, Empower Peace in this year’s program

Journalism: The poetry of the new decade

1 Wednesday, February 17, 2010 Jared Sugerman is tired of hearing about the Death of Newspapers.  A Northeastern University senior and journalism major, Sugerman says he can’t count how many times a week someone asks why he planned his studies around a field with so few jobs. Even worse, some well-meaning types imagine he hasn’t

The day the Globe jumped the shark

Despite the endless buyouts, the foreign bureaus’ closure, the consolidation of the regional sections, the threat of liquidation, and manifold other insults and injuries, the Globe is still a must-read for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in Boston. But—let’s be honest—the pressure of morphing from a venerable broadsheet (for whom I once

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