State of Service initiative announces policy platform

The MassINC Associate Board and AmeriCorps Alums Boston Chapter today released a White Paper outlining the background and policy goals for their joint State of Service initiative.  The initiative builds off the hugely successful Cities of Service program, a bipartisan coalition of 101 mayors around the country who are working to develop comprehensive city-wide service plans and engage their citizens

Shouting into the void

There’s a line from an episode of SuperNews, the satire cartoon on the cable network Current, which comes to mind whenever I talk about Twitter. The main character, frustrated with having to listen to people’s messages about minute and boring details, eventually cracks. “Twitter is nothing more than shouts into the darkness hoping someone is

Fresh thoughts from the Greenway

What to do with Boston’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway? The question gets a fresh airing Tuesday night when the Boston Redevelopment Authority board considers the adoption of new development guidelines for the mile-long swath of open space. Meanwhile, the Boston Society of Architects asked eight architecture or design students and recent grads what they would

Media to FTC: Drop dead

It comes as no surprise that the national media is painted as having a liberal slant: a Google search for the terms “liberal media” nets 990,000 results, and critics have long blasted the media for supporting liberal causes. One would expect, then, that an industry facing financial turmoil would look to a traditionally liberal solution:

Some Like It Hot

1 Tuesday, June 29, 2010 It’s been 26 days since my central air conditioning conked out. What started out as a case of home repair procrastination has become a personal energy challenge: can I slash my electricity use with an A/C-free summer? The agonizing oil leak in the Gulf and the Sago mine disaster in

Gateway City workshop spotlights asset-building as key growth strategy

Leaders from Gateway Cities, state agencies, and financial institutions assembled in Worcester on June 22nd to learn about innovative new opportunities to connect low-income families with wealth-building financial services. The forum was a byproduct of a MassINC policy brief released last April. The paper described the toll reliance on high-cost financial services exacts on Gateway

MassINC’s Schneider speaks up on behalf of Gateway Cities

  Provides recommendations to special panel on revitalizing Massachusetts  regional urban engines MassINC Executive Vice President John Schneider participated in a panel discussion Saturday morning to weigh in about strategies for improving the economic outlook in Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities.  The panel discussion was part of a conference held by Congresswoman Nikki Tsongas and the Northeast-Midwest

Creative Economy Strategy Gains Momentum in Pittsfield

1 Thursday, June 24, 2010 The Colonial Theater had been dark for over 50 years when the City of Pittsfield bet that bringing it back to life would make a bold statement about the community’s future. We met recently with leaders from the across Western Massachusetts to learn about what Pittsfield has achieved since successfully

If I ruled the Globe

. It’s embarrassing, I know. But the Globe has been owned by the New York Times for quite a while now. There’s no sense wasting those synergies. It was sad—the end of an era—when the Globe shuttered its international bureaus. In the pre-Internet era, few people subscribed to multiple newspapers—the Globe did need to “do

Ads and comments blend at the Globe

Letting its ads creep into its content, the Boston Globe is trying to build a revenue stream from the comments its readers submit about online stories. As far back as I can remember, the Globe has had ads in the sections where readers post their comments in response to articles. But a few months ago,

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