Accountability in the school funding debate

Gateways Episode 10

In Part II of our deep dive on local education accountability, Ben talks with Rep. Aaron Vega, author of the Promise Act, and Ed Lambert, former mayor of Fall River and current Executive Director of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education.

Ty Allan Jackson

This week’s Gateway Cities Leader

Cities are shaped by their citizens. From New Bedford to Pittsfield, a new generation of passionate young leaders are spearheading innovative efforts to reinvent their communities. This series profiles their work and introduces their ideas, visions, and aspirations to the wider Gateway City world. Is there a young leader in your city that we should spotlight? Please let us know.

Why we believe in social emotional learning

Ben Forman's remarks at the Social Emotional Learning Policy Forum

Our focus at MassINC is serving as a nonpartisan voice for state policies that support a growing middle class; about decade ago, we started to organize our work around the Gateway Cities. This was in recognition that the communities where low-income families are increasingly concentrated have an outsized role, as either launching pads up into the middle class or as pockets where persistent generational poverty have formed.

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