State has a lot more to do to keep students and educators safe from COVID

Steve Koczela featured in the Boston Globe

June 6, 2022

Despite the tireless and persistent efforts of school superintendents, principals, nurses, and teachers, statewide data show that 27 percent of K-12 students and 41 percent of staff have reported positive test results during the 2021-22 school year alone. State leaders must grapple with the immensity of the impact of COVID-19 infections on students, staff, and educators.

These figures certainly understate the true rate of infection. They are drawn from district-level data, which is taken from what local and school-based health officials are able to count and report. Because testing is inconsistent between districts, so is reporting. For example, some districts continued their pool testing program this year while others did not. Despite the provision of rapid tests to parents by DESE and districts, restrictive opt-in rules made universal access to tests more challenging.

Reducing the number of new cases is important for several reasons…


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President, The MassINC Polling Group

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