‘Gateways’ Goes to Early College: Leominster

Gateways Episode 20

From left to right: Alexander Ramos Jr., Audreana Houck, Tremaine Pinnock, and Amore Frazier

Hosts Ben Forman and Juana Matias begin the second installment in our podcast series exploring the promise of Early College by reflecting on a recent State House forum where over a hundred Early College students and educators shared their transformational experiences. Juana then interviews Commissioner of Higher Education Carlos Santiago. He explains how Early College can close large equity gaps and provide taxpayers with a fiscal “win-win.”

For the second half of the episode, Ben chats directly with students from Leominster about their experiences, and then he’s joined by Lea Ann Scales and Fagan Forhan from Mt. Wachusett Community College and Karen Frank Mays from Fitchburg State University. These Massachusetts Early College pioneers talk about how they built successful programs

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