Gateway Cities Legislative Caucus

Talks TDI and other FY 2018 budget priorities

The Gateway Cities Legislative Caucus met today, led by co-chairs Rep. Antonio Cabral and Sen. Eric Lesser, to discuss budget priorities and proposed amendments. A small victory for Gateway Cities came with the return of the English Language Learner’s in Gateway Cities line item (7009-6400). The program, which began with $3.2 million is FY 2013, received no funding in FY 2017. The House budget

includes $1 million for the line item in FY 2018. Caucus members are collectively advocating for amendments to increase funding for several other key line items, including the TDI Fund, an amendment to reverse proposed cuts to regional transit agencies, which come on the heels of several years of level funding, and increase education and workforce development programs that are consistent with heighten attention on ensuring that students transition successfully into the workforce after high school and post-secondary training.

Here’s a summary of the line item’s and proposed amendments caucus members are supporting:

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