What’s in your electricity bill?

There’s a lot more than just the cost of power

It’s a simple question – what charges are contained in your electricity bill?  But the answer isn’t that simple. Indeed, there’s a lot more going on with your bill than you might think.

In CommonWealth’s latest Reel Deal explainer video, we show how your electricity bill has become a major driver of state energy policy. Individually, the bill contains charges for policy matters that now add up to almost a fifth of the typical monthly charge. Collectively, the amounts being raised run into the billions of dollars.

Watch the video. Learn more about where your money is going. And if you want to dig a little deeper, check out the Associated Industries of Massachusetts energy calculator, which has data from 2014 to early 2019 for all rate classes in the Eversource and National Grid territories. Click here and find the calculator on the right side of the business group’s web page. Then enter your utility company, rate class (e.g., residential, small business, etc.), and average usage to see where your payments end up.

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