Fall River entrepreneur brings healthy food and a heap of inspiration to Gateway City neighborhoods

Gateways Episode 35

This week on Gateways, we give you Tracy Corley’s live conversation with entrepreneur Luis Gonsalves during the October 2nd Entrepreneurship For All Leadership Summit in Lowell. Luis is an alum of New Bedford High, the US military, and EforAll, which gave him the tools to thrive in the competitive restaurant industry.

A health food aficionado with a passion for barbering, Luis, alongside his wife Stacy, run multiple operations. Three Shear Genius barbershops and a Ms. Shear Genius salon dot the Fall River landscape, and his restaurant featuring nutritious options, Juice’d Café, has expanded to three locations: its flagship in Fall River, plus a storefront in both New Bedford and Newport, Rhode Island. The two discuss Luis’ entrepreneurial journey, running businesses in the community he’s a member of, as well as what the future holds for his businesses, especially considering the imminent arrival of South Coast Rail.

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