New report says underfunding community colleges is costing Massachusetts millions

Ben Forman featured in WAMC

April 22, 2022

Nonpartisan public policy think tank Massachusetts Institute for a New Commonwealth, or “MassINC,” has released a new report arguing that the state is leaving millions on the table by not ensuring that all community college students graduate. Examining the class of 2010, MassINC’s findings show that if every student had completed a certificate or degree, Massachusetts would have made $165 million. WAMC spoke with MassINC research director Ben Forman about the report, which concludes the state needs to invest more in public education.

FORMAN: This builds on a study we did last year that looked at how students who attend community colleges do in the labor market, how much more often they’re employed, and how much more they make each year as a result of going to community college. And we were able to…

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