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Upcoming MassINC report featured in Winter 2010 edition of The New England Journal of Higher Education

The latest issue of The New England Journal of Higher Education released this week features “Price and Value,” an article based on MassINC’s upcoming report, “Planning for College: A Consumer Approach to the Higher Education Marketplace. The article summarizes the report, due out next week, by education consultant C. Anthony Broh and Dana Ansel , former MassINC research

Experiments with the news

Faced with declining profits and defections of their once-loyal audiences, Massachusetts-based news media organizations are experimenting with new ways of creating and presenting their content, everything from shifting to Web-only publications to reporting collaborations with nonprofit groups and universities. The Christian Science Monitor took the most radical step nearly a year ago, abandoning its print

The BRA’s pre-buttal

By Bruce Mohl David Guarino, in a blog post on MS&L Boston’s PR Finish Line, praises the Boston Redevelopment Authority for releasing what he calls a pre-buttal to last week’s investigative reports on the agency by CommonWealth magazine and Fox 25 Undercover.  The reports focused on an unusual fee imposed by the agency on certain

Brown the man or Brown the number?

By Jim Borghesani The stories by the Globe and CommonWealth magazine on Monday regarding the phenomenal amount of down-the-stretch cash that flowed into US Sen.-elect Scott Brown’s coffers from across the nation provided, for me, a bit more clarity on the lessons learned from his victory. Maybe it wasn’t the truck, or the singing daughter,

Print still rules

So many websites…what’s a PR pro to do?  One thing to do is never forget the formula that has been driving news stories since, oh, forever. Get it into print.  Yes, there are scads of sites now catering to every PR category: hard news, entertainment news, restaurant news, sports news, tech news.  Yes, PR folks

The (un)changing face of journalism

When I started running media operations for Bay State and national campaigns a decade ago, reporters usually didn’t stick around for long. Sure, there were the stalwarts—Frank Phillips will always rule the roost at the State House—but, in general, tenures were short and talented reporters would hopscotch up the career ladder, moving from one outlet

City of Champions A portrait of Brockton MA

American cities don’t die; they change. Global forces push and pull – industries move and take their jobs with them, economies shift focus, wars around the globe drive people from their homes – and our hometowns struggle to keep their balance. This work is a study of my own hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts. Brockton is

New online magazine extends CommonWealth’s reach

The launch of a new website isn’t that unusual today, but here at MassINC it’s a huge step forward. It gives the organization a vibrant platform from which it can reach out to our many audiences in a more direct and engaging way. You can review our latest research on family financial skills, follow our

It’s simple: Listen to the voters

1 Thursday, January 28, 2010  By Eileen McNamara Martha Coakley was not the only loser in the special election for the US Senate seat left vacant by the death of Edward M. Kennedy. The media got mauled, too. From The Boston Globe poll putting Coakley 15 points ahead of Scott Brown days before he hammered

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