Getting Question 1 Right: Investment Options for Equity in Public Higher Education

Published Date : May 2, 2023
Author(s) : Ben Forman and J. Oliver Schak

Since voters approved Question 1 in November 2022, several proposals to invest the surtax revenue in higher education have been presented. Legislators tasked with quickly allocating the proceeds from the ballot initiative in the FY 2024 budget have difficult choices to make. Their decisions will have long-term implications for higher education, and by extension, the social and economic fabric of our commonwealth. This policy brief provides objective analysis to help inform the debate. 

We begin with the case for prioritizing the most disadvantaged students with the initial proceeds from the new surtax. We then examine how well the various proposals circulating on Beacon Hill meet the needs of these students. The brief concludes with recommendations for both funding allocations, and complementary near-term policy changes to ensure that the new revenue has maximum impact on college access and success. 

Meet The Authors

Ben Forman

Research Director, MassINC

J. Oliver Schak

Founder and Owner, Schak Consulting

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