Reinventing Transit

A Blueprint for Investing in Regional Transportation Authorities for Strong Gateway City Economies

Published Date : March 8, 2013
Author(s) : Ben Forman and Catherine Tumber

Transportation networks provide the backbone for economic development in regions across the state. Public transit is an important component of these networks, increasing access to jobs, housing, and services.

Leaders on Beacon Hill are considering transportation investments with the potential to shape the Commonwealth’s physical and economic landscape for generations to come. State funding for Regional Transit Authorities (RTA’s) is among the many priorities the Legislature must balance.

This new report contributes to the policy debate by describing the economic contribution of public transit in Gateway City regions, reforms and funding structures to ensure that additional investment in these systems provides strong returns for taxpayers, and opportunities new resources would present for leaders to re-envision the role these agencies can play in an integrated transportation system that encourages transit-oriented development and overall economic growth.

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