Fresh thoughts from the Greenway

What to do with Boston’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway? The question gets a fresh airing Tuesday night when the Boston Redevelopment Authority board considers the adoption of new development guidelines for the mile-long swath of open space. Meanwhile, the Boston Society of Architects asked eight architecture or design students and recent grads what they would

We need more housing

I participated yesterday in a forum on the connection between housing and the economy held by the Home Builders Association of Massachusetts. The event marked the release of a report demonstrating the large net revenues residential construction provides for state and local governments. This is a critical issue because it’s tied so tightly to why our

Going for Growth

Promoting Access to Wealth Building Financial Services in Massachusetts Gateway Cities

This paper examines the market for personal financial services and finds that many Gateway City residents do not have bank accounts, which leaves them dependent on high-cost services like check cashers. Without bank accounts, families have difficulty developing the credit history needed to qualify for low-interest loans. They turn instead to pawnshops, rent-to-own stores, and

Creative economy roundtable shows economic development is fine art

1 Friday, March 5, 2010 MassINC has argued that the benefits of economic development spending should be quantifiable in order to justify taxpayer investment. But we recognize that this is challenging work. Measuring impact requires time, and sensitivity to the different channels through which economic development investments contribute to long-term growth.  At a recent creative

Planning for College

A Consumer Approach to the Higher Education Marketplace

The place of college in the lives of current and future generations of American families has fun­damentally changed. Once the privilege of a few, college is now a virtual prerequisite for joining and remaining in the ranks of the middle class. This economic reality means more students con­tinue their education beyond high school each year.

City of Champions A portrait of Brockton MA

American cities don’t die; they change. Global forces push and pull – industries move and take their jobs with them, economies shift focus, wars around the globe drive people from their homes – and our hometowns struggle to keep their balance. This work is a study of my own hometown of Brockton, Massachusetts. Brockton is

New online magazine extends CommonWealth’s reach

The launch of a new website isn’t that unusual today, but here at MassINC it’s a huge step forward. It gives the organization a vibrant platform from which it can reach out to our many audiences in a more direct and engaging way. You can review our latest research on family financial skills, follow our

Redefining financial literacy

One of the many lessons that has come out of the sub-prime mortgage crisis, if not the entire economic downturn, is the need for new thinking in the areas of financial literacy and consumer protection.  As part of new program called Family Financial  Skills, MassINC pulled together a group of experts to discuss what can be

Going for Growth

Promoting Residential Reinvestment in Massachusetts Gateway Cities

Promoting Residential Reinvestment in Massachusetts Gateway Cities, the second brief in a series exploring evidence-based policy innovations to spur reinvestment and renewal in the state’s key regional cities. This paper examines state housing spending over the last 15 years and finds that programs designed primarily to increase affordability in strong markets have not been able

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