Rome wasn’t rebuilt in a day, and neither are Gateway City neighborhoods. In this bonus episode of “Gateways,” Dr. Tracy Corley takes us on a walking tour of Salem’s El Punto neighborhood alongside David Valecillos of the North Shore Community Development Coalition. The successful revitalization of El Punto, or The Point, demonstrates how Gateway Cities can stabilize neighborhoods in transit-oriented development zones and keep people in the community during redevelopment.

North Shore CDC has worked tirelessly towards rebranding and rehabilitating El Punto, creating an open air Urban Art Museum that attracts visitors from across the state and the globe. After a conversation in the CDC’s office, David literally walks us through their work. He also describes the city, the Neighborhood Association, the residents, and the North Shore CDC working alongside one another-a synergy that we delve into in the podcast.

So what’s the big deal with Salem’s El Punto neighborhood? And how could thoughtful transit-oriented development reshape the city through neighborhood stabilization?

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