Gateway Cities part of Vision for Massachusetts as National Leader

Commissioner Freeland recently presented the first  Vision Project report, an initiative focused on making Massachusetts a national leader in public education. The report looks at how public higher education in Massachusetts stacks up to other states and lays out specific strategies and goals to boost our performance. Interestingly, Gateway Cities are pioneering many of the

Gateway City Education Statistics

MassINC is compiling a “bluebook” with Gateway City education trends. Here are some key highlights from Chapter 1: One in four public school students in Massachusetts is enrolled in a Gateway City district Gateway City schools enroll more than one-half of the state’s English language learners and nearly half of all low income students in the

Governor Patrick keeps a promise

Last February, Governor Patrick pledged to create a new Gateway Cities education strategy at the MassINC Gateway Cities Education Summit. The Governor made good on his pledge by including $10 million to implement his Gateway Cities education strategy, unveiled in November, in his FY 2013 budget request. Governor Patrick’s plan would provide resources to Gateway

Recapturing the American Dream

Meeting the Challenges of the Bay State's Lost Decade

This joint project with the Center for Labor Market Studies was made possible by the generous support of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and Partners Health Care. More so than any previous report, this research sheds light on the economic well-being of workers at a moment when public attention is hyper-focused on policymaking to

MassINC’s Middle Class Index

The first-of-its-kind Middle Class Index is designed to serve as a barometer of the status of middle class residents. Composed of 26 different indicators, the overall score for Massachusetts in 2010 was 97.4, down 2.6 points from the benchmark figure of 100 for the year 2000. Nationally, the index number was 94.2. The index number

Going for Growth: New Education-Housing Partnerships to Stabilize Families and Boost Student Achievement

Going for Growth: New Education-Housing Partnerships to Stabilize Families and Boost Student Achievement, the fourth brief in a series exploring policy innovations to spur reinvestment and renewal in the state’s key regional cities. Extensive research documents the negative consequences that student mobility – the churn of youth entering and exiting classrooms during the school year

Wonk & Roll: Education reform through pressure points

1 Monday, April 4, 2011 Secretary of Education Paul Reville is quoted in today’s Boston Globe story about underperforming schools, “It’s a lot of hard work ahead.  There are no magical cures.”  We agree, and with 71 percent of Gateway City students attending a level 3 or 4 school, and with 23 underperforming schools in

Wonk & Roll: The next UMass president

With Marty Meehan out of the running for UMass president, we thought it might be helpful to nominate a few other candidates for consideration. So, in no particular order—other than alphabetical—here is our list: Ian Bowles—All agree that the soon to be former Massachusetts secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs has done a stellar job

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