Take The #TTODTalkChallenge!

Take The #TTODTalkChallenge!

Take The #TTODTalkChallenge!

MassINC is on a mission to support the creation of equitable, livable communities – and that has to start with community residents. Help us show the need for community space, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic changes the way we use public spaces.

Post a photo to Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook of an abandoned lot, parking lot, street, or other space in your neighborhood that could be better used during and after COVID-19. 

For example:  
  • municipal parking lot that could be transformed into outdoor dining or recreation space 
  • A sidewalk that’s too narrow and could be expanded into the street to allow physical distancing 
  • A street that could be closed for more space where children can play 
Use the hashtag #TTODTalkChallenge to share your photos and your vision for the space! Don’t forget to tell us where you want to see this transformation take place – zip code or city and street names are preferred. 

Don’t have social media? Email us your vision at amiddle@massinc.org.

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